What I learned from quitting coffee after being addicted?

What I learned from quitting coffee after being addicted?
Can you live without coffee?... (Credit: Getty Images)
For many of us, our day doesn't officially start until we have that first gulp - or oversized mug - of coffee.
I used to be one of those people who was addicted to caffeine. Trying to escape my "comfort zone" here is what I learned and discovered after quitting coffee.

I don’t even remember when it all started. As a teenager I used to have so much energy that I could run during the day, do lots of activities and never get tired. I would always wake up fresh, full of energy and ready to start new day. I didn’t need any caffeine or supplements to keep me going.

Everything changed after I went to study in the USA. That’s when my “new life “ began. I was overwhelmed to see how much coffee students consumed at my University. There were coffee shops around every corner. Holding a Starbucks cup in your hand was more of a lifestyle. Everyone had one, so did I.

At first I felt amazing! I felt more energetic, I felt like I could even move mountains.

My teeth became a bit dark, so I kept on using whitening products thinking it was all good and healthy.
A few months after, one coffee wasn’t enough. I consumed one at around 6am in the morning and around 12 I used to get tired, my energy levels would drop down.

To keep me going through the day - I would treat myself with a second cup of coffee. I started to really love coffee. Sometimes when the weather was nice outside I would treat myself for iced coffee. I carried on and didn’t even think about the damage I was causing to myself.

I ended up drinking 5-6 coffee cups per day. I was even one of those people who would drink coffee before going to sleep and I could actually fall asleep fairly easily.

I never felt that I have enough energy, I always woke up tired, but I thought it came with age - I’m not teenager anymore. I was 22 years old. How odd was that?

After researching more about food, nutrition, and ideas for a healthy and balanced diet I decided to quit caffeine consumption. I challenged myself to try to live without this good old friend...

The first day without coffee was so hard! Never have I ever encountered such a headache, I couldn't concentrate, I was extremely tired and my heart was beating so fast that I thought I might have a heart attack. The headaches lasted for 7 days, gradually fading away.

After 7 days for the first time I woke up fresh, energetic and ready to “win the day”. I didn’t need coffee anymore. I felt free.

Quit drinking coffee and enjoy many health benefits! (Credit: Getty Images)

Here are the biggest benefits you will have from quitting caffeine:

1.Quitting coffee breaks the cycle of addiction and frees us from needing a daily drug to function normally.

2. You will save lots of money! For instance one grande latte Starbucks in the UK is £3.85 per day, which is £27 weekly and could be as much as £1405 per year!

3. You will sleep better, hence your mood will be better!

4. Healthier teeth. Coffee stains your teeth which causes tooth decay quicker.

5. Weight loss - (unless you drink only black coffee). One cup of medium latte can have even 350 calories!

6. You will make a small step towards saving our planet. It will reduce your environmental footprint (think of all those plastic cups!).

7. You will increase your productivity level, you won’t need to waste your time queuing for coffee. So called “productivity level “after consuming coffee can last up to only 4 hours.

8. You will better absorb nutrients.

9. You will look younger for longer! Caffeine interferes with collagen formation by reduction collagen synthesis in human skin. Collagen have a huge effect on the your skin, nails, hair, so not having that morning coffee could mean less wrinkles for you!

However the biggest lesson I got from this was that I’m stronger than my addiction.

Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.”

Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. — Napoleon Hill

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