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Poland's Path to Safer Gambling: Can GamStop Be the Solution?

Poland's Path to Safer Gambling: Can GamStop Be the Solution?
You will hardly see Poland in the list of the most gambling nations globally, but this risky entertainment is still in demand in the country. A massive number of local and abroad casinos target players and offer the best conditions, including limitless games, generous promotions, and safe, hassle-free payments.

According to research, up to 26% of the Polish population engage in gambling and betting. At the same time, problem gaming is a global challenge that also touches on the country’s residents, so regulatory authorities and the government constantly search for ways to reduce risks and provide a safer environment for players.

Gambling-Related Problems in Poland and Ways to Resolve Them

The number of people suffering from gaming problems is hard to determine, as not all affected individuals report their condition. However, research supposed that up to 25% of those engaged in the industry are at risk of disorder development. The gambling industry is regulated in Poland, and all operators working in the country should hold valid licences from controlling authorities. Moreover, responsible bodies highlight the importance of safer gaming, implying bankroll management and time limits on casino sites.

Impact of GamStop on the Gambling Market

The UK is known for its strict iGaming regulations, and nationwide self-exclusion is among them. The country’s regulatory body managed to significantly decrease the number of people suffering from gambling disorders. GamStop has shown its efficiency in coping with the challenge, as it allows users to get restricted access to potentially harmful platforms.

Many players are dissatisfied with such limitations concerning their gambling preferences and try casinos without GamStop at based in the UK and other countries. They provide more extensive gaming libraries, incredible bonuses, and higher deposit and withdrawal limits, boosting the degree of excitement. 

At the same time, trusted and reliable gaming operators provide their customers with detailed guides on preventing problem behaviours and getting the best experience on their sites. However, implementing mechanisms similar to GamStop would be beneficial for Polish gambling enthusiasts, and here's why.

Advantages of Implementing Self-Exclusion in Poland

The first and most important advantage of GamStop-like programs is their ability to restrict access to gambling and betting platforms for problem users. This strategy has proven efficiency: individuals don’t face the temptation of depositing in online casinos, and can take enough time for treatment.

  • Long-Lasting Assistance

GamStop’s impact on players’ behaviours is not limited to banning users from potentially harmful platforms. The program also provides access to support groups and treatment guidance that helps problem gamblers recover as soon as possible. Users can engage in therapies to improve their conditions and get more details on responsible actions.

  • Control After the Self-Exclusion Term

Users can continue gambling and betting after they finish their GamStop self-exclusion period but still face particular limitations. Their personal details remain in the system’s database, and all casinos participating in the program should track players’ activities on their websites and notify GamStop about any suspicious actions. Therefore, users face the risk of being blocked again in case of excessive gambling.

Possible Drawbacks for the Industry

Of course, GamStop or its alternatives cannot become the one-stop solution for eliminating gambling addiction in all its forms. Users still find ways to get around the ban and join online casinos that are not covered by the program. Such an approach is likely to increase user engagement in illegal casinos and sportsbooks that don’t provide any limits but can appear insecure for players. 

Many users are ignorant when it comes to severe restrictions and prefer to avoid platforms with numerous requirements. For instance, GamStop only covers UK-based platforms, while players are free to join overseas platforms, which has numerous advantages and minimum limitations.

Other Responsible Gambling Measures in Poland

Regulatory authorities should concentrate on educating the population about the possible risks and harm of this entertainment. Problem gaming requires implementing complex measures to inform users about the possible negative consequences and motivate them to make responsible decisions in online casinos and sportsbooks.

Increasing awareness of possible dangers is a better solution that will definitely satisfy both casino operators and players. Organising special initiatives and promotional campaigns is already popular, but making them more widespread is now on the agenda in Poland. Local operators should also invest in responsible gaming by offering instant access to helplines and treatment centres available globally. 

In addition, international providers engage celebrities and launch more specific ads targeting potentially vulnerable populations and encouraging them to be cautious when gambling. Polish authorities can consider this example to promote a healthier approach to this entertainment on in-country platforms.

Moreover, online casinos can implement special AI-based mechanisms that analyse user activities on their websites. In this case, players receive notifications in case of excessive gambling and recommendations on taking a break or asking for support. Such technologies are becoming more popular in the iGaming sector and aim to increase customer awareness of safer gaming behaviours.

Final Insight

GamStop has shown positive results in the UK market as already discussed in the news, and other countries can consider developing a similar tool to gain more control over the industry. The program is efficient for coping with gambling-related disorders but is still imperfect. Passionate casino enthusiasts still have multiple ways to get around the ban, which creates more challenges. Polish regulatory bodies can implement GamStop alternatives to its iGaming sector, but self-exclusion should only be a part of the broader safer gambling campaign.


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