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Flight Delay Compensation: Lufthansa’s Policy on Short-Haul vs. Long-Haul Flights

Flight Delay Compensation: Lufthansa’s Policy on Short-Haul vs. Long-Haul Flights
Lufthansa explains its definition of delay. (Credit: Pixabay)
Navigating a flight delay claim is challenging. Many nuances make the process confusing and time-consuming.

This article specifies the differences between Lufthansa’s compensation policies on short-haul vs. long-haul flights. The technicalities can be tricky to master, but once you understand them, submitting your compensation claim will be much easier!

Lufthansa’s compensation policy: An overview

You should understand the airline’s compensation policy if you’re seeking Lufthansa flight delay compensation.

Definition of a delay

Lufthansa defines a delay in terms of time and distance:

  • At least 4 hours for flights more than 3,500 km
  • At least 3 hours for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km
  • 2 hours for flights up to 1,500 km

Your flight must fall into one of those categories to be eligible.

Other rules

No matter what kind of disruption you’re facing, your Lufthansa delay compensation will be determined by a few general rules. To qualify, you must have a confirmed reservation and check in at least 45 minutes before departure.

Also, your flight must either have departed from or arrived in an EU member state. This is because these compensation policies apply only to EU nations.

Short-haul vs. long-haul flights: Definition and differences

The difference between short and long-haul flights can be defined in terms of time and distance.


The International Civil Aviation Organization defines a short-haul flight as under 8 hours and a long-haul flight as 8-16 hours. Anything above 16 is considered an ultra-long-haul.


The EU considers any flight less than 1,500 km short-haul and above 3,500 km long-haul. Anything in between is defined as medium-haul.

Claiming compensation is simple. (Credit:

Compensation policy for short-haul flights

Short-haul flights are those under 1,500 km. For these distances, Lufthansa offers up to €250 per person.

Compensation policy for long-haul flights

For flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km, you can receive up to €400 per person.

For true long-haul flights, 3,500 km or more, Lufthansa’s policy specifies up to €600 per person.

How to claim compensation

Claiming compensation is simple. You must first fill out the Lufthansa flight delay compensation form on their official website. You will need information about:

  • What kind of disruption occurred
  • Details about the flight, such as the booking code, flight number, and date
  • How you reached your destination
  • Personal details
  • Receipts

Once you fill in this information and upload the relevant documents, you can submit them. The next step is waiting for Lufthansa to get back to you with information on whether or not they’ll accept your request, as well as what kind of compensation you qualify for.

Lufthansa is known for speedy responses, so you most likely won’t have to wait long. If you find yourself waiting, don’t submit multiple requests. After a few weeks, you can contact the airline’s customer service to check on the claim.

Tips for passengers

There are a few things you can do to make the process of getting Lufthansa flight compensation much easier:

Document everything

You will need to upload receipts and other documents when you submit your claim, so it’s a good idea to document your entire trip. Take pictures and screenshots of everything, and keep track of how long delays are. You should also take note of how you arrive at your destination, such as whether your flight was immediately rebooked by the airline or not.

Keep your receipts if you have to pay for a place to stay and meals because of the delay. It’s more than likely that Lufthansa will reimburse you for this.

Take note of any disruptions that happen—delays aren’t the only things you can get compensated for. For example, Lufthansa overbooking compensation is another common situation!

Hire a compensation company

Filling out forms and waiting for a response is hard work, especially if you’ve never done it before. This is where a compensation company like Skycop comes in. These professionals know exactly how to submit a Lufthansa delay compensation claim so that you get the maximum compensation without going through the tedious process yourself.

In conclusion

Whether you had long-haul or short-haul flights, navigating the claims process can be frustrating. It seems like you need so much paperwork and patience, even though the delay was stressful enough!

However, now that you understand the nuances between the two, you’re ready to submit your claim with ease. Remember to document everything and hire a company for help, and you’ll get compensated in no time.

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