British haunted island that will creep you out!

British haunted island that will creep you out!
Can you believe that such a beautiful place can be haunted?... (Credit: Getty Images)
Do you know the most haunted island in Great Britain?...

At first glance, the landscape looks idyllic – the picturesque cliffs and lush grassy hills are the perfect settings for a stroll. The broad beaches caressed by the turquoise waters seem to invite you for a swim and a sunbathe. It really is no wonder that the Isle of Wight, part of the British Isles, is the holiday destination of choice for many Brits.

There is, however, one other reason that attracts thousands of people from all corners of the world to the island – it is considered one of the most haunted places on Earth. How did this little piece of paradise earn such a dubious honour?

The Isle of Wight is located on the southern coast of Great Britain - separated by the Solent strait. Its shape is compared to that of a brilliant cut diamond. The island is sometimes referred to as ‘England in a Nutshell’ due to its very picturesque and varied landscapes, with more than half of the land being listed as protected areas. In the western part of the island lies perhaps its most iconic feature – the beautifully developed chalk formations on the cliffs that run along the entire stretch of coastline. The bays that cut in from time to time land delight with the clarity of water and culminate in a row of three distinctive chalk rocks known as The Needles.

In the sunshine, the Isle of Wight really does appear to be a piece of heaven on Earth, but the island also carries a much darker side. It is said that the island, situated 150 km away from London, is the point of intersection of several sources of energy – an invisible line connects the Isle of Wight with Stonehenge amongst other places, creating a very strong and almost palpable electromagnetic field. There have been reports of people witnessing paranormal activity in hotels, hospitals, castles, ghostly apparitions wandering around the beaches at night or even images of entire ships on the coast.

For example, Robin Hill Country Park in Downend is supposed to have ghosts waiting for you on every corner, so enter at your own risk. Some tourist shops on the island sell maps with known haunted spots. The atmosphere of mystery is heightened by the fact that the island is often shrouded in fog.

It is difficult to tell just how much truth there is in these stories, but what is certain is that the Isle of Wight is one of the most fascinating places a ghost enthusiast can visit. Many books have been written about the local phenomena such as "Ghosts of the Isle" by Gay Baldwin and numerous television programs have been shot at this magical island, such as "Ghost of the Isle of Wight" documentary. They're a good place to start to find out more!

The Isle of Wight is a county and the largest and second-most populous island in England. It is in the English Channel, between 2 and 5 miles off the coast of Hampshire, separated by the Solent. The island has resorts that have been holiday destinations since Victorian times, and is known for its mild climate, coastal scenery, and verdant landscape of fields, downland and chines. The island is designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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