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Polish Your Polish: In the Jungle of Dreams

Polish Your Polish: In the Jungle of Dreams
Are you ready to venture into the wild and mysterious jungle of your dreams?

Join Us for an Exciting Journey: "In the Jungle of Dreams"

Join our next Toastmasters meeting where we'll:

Visualise Our Dreams: start with a visualisation exercise to see your dreams clearly.

Explore the 6 Most Popular Dreams

Hear Inspiring Stories: Real-life stories of people who conquered their inner lions and achieved their wildest dreams.

If time allows, engage in Mad Dreams Interactive Game for some laughs and creativity


 Date: 28.05.2024

 Time: 19.30

 Location: Ognisko Polskie, Polish your Polish, 55 Prince Gate, London SW7 2PN


This is not just a meeting; it's an adventure into the heart of what makes us dream and strive for more. 

Join us and be part of an evening filled with inspiration, creativity, and practical strategies to navigate the jungle with fellow explorers.

See you in the jungle of dreams!

If you prefer to take a part online. Please join us on ZOOM:

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Ognisko Polskie
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Londyn, SW7 2PN
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