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Wprowadziliśmy kilka istotnych zmian w naszej Polityce Prywatności i Plików Cookies i chcemy, abyś wiedział, co to oznacza dla Ciebie i Twoich danych


Press Releases is the leading web site for Poles living in the UK.


New section 'Automotive' available . has created a new section in Classifieds section called 'Automotive'. This section is similar to our Buy/Sell section, however provides a dedicated space for users to buy and sell cars and other vehicles.
(March 2011)

Polish Culture Festival Week in Belfast has taken over a patronage of Polish Culture Festival Week in Belfast
Festival, which was promoting Polish culture, art and polish national heritage as well as Polish food. was a sponsor of many concerts and exibitions that took place in Belfast for 7 days.
(February 2011)


New options for advertising is section Usługi, Transport services to/from Poland
In regards to constantly growing interest in offers connected to finding transport to/from Poland we have made available a special form of ads that is dedicated to this particular theme. Ads can be placed for a period of 7 days. Please have a look at our offer. Transport services to/from Poland.

Weather forecast available on
Weather forecast is now available on our main website and it give you the latest information about the weather around the UK.
(24 June 2010)

New image of has the pleasure to present you with the new image of our website. Clear and trendy graphic design plus in the centre of our home page we have exposed our new section called Londynek Lajt.
(7 June 2010)

Updated Buy&Sell section
We have made some changes to our Buy&Sell section.This is the biggest offer connected database available in the UK for Poles. New browsing engine has extra features which allow you to manage you ads and give you a better exposure on our site.

Easier browsing in our "Praca - kandydaci" section.
One of our latest advertorial sections is Jobseekers/ Praca – kandydaci.We have just updated it and we are giving you a possibility to access it. Jobseekers can now easily move through our pages and access information about searching for jobs, job agencies, creating a CV, creating a good first impression during an interview.
(11 February 2010)

We have launched section "skills swapp/wymiana umiejętności"
This is a new sub-category in section "Ogłoszenia towarzyskie/Personals". Skills swap allows you finding someone who wants to exchange their skills with you. You can read more about this in section Czytelnia.
(07 February 2010)

Accommodation section now available
Our information service has been extended for an extra advertorial section
Nieruchomości/Accommodation. This particular section is using new technology internet search engine which allows easy and clear access to ads.
(18 January 2010)

Share your gossip with Us
In section Londynek Lajt we have created an internet icon which will allow you to contact our portal and send some interesting info that you may want to share with us. We will then publish it on our website.


Co-operation with Upper Room
Upper Room is a charity dedicated to the relief of poverty, suffering and social disadvantage working with the vulnerable, marginalised and homeless of West London. supports media initiative and provides patronage to Upper Room Organisation.
(25 July 2009)

Direction Belfast
We have our representative in Northern Ireland (Belfast). Information about are available in Irish shops and community centres. Poles living in Ulster can find information about upcoming events in our Kalendarium(Event Calendar) . We will also be publishing local information in our News (Wiadomosci)section.
(01 July 2009)

Work Safe
Healh and Safety Executive has started a campaign targeting Poles working in the building and construction industry. Our internet portal is a supporter of this particular project consisting of workshops and meetings with experts and professionals.
(19 June 2009)

Fighting for votes with Unison has been supporting Unison in promoting voting in upcoming EU Parliment elections. Every Polish citizen living in the UK can take part in the election.
(01 April 2009)


Polish Job Fair has become a sponsor for Polish Job Fair organised by Polish Express.
(10 June 2008)

BPCC Job Fair
We have been invited to be one of the official media sponsor for British Polish Chamber of Commerce 9th British-Polish Recruitment Fair and Conference.(01 May 2008)

Breaking News
we have launched section Wiadomości, you can find all breaking and recent News divided into categories: UK, Poland, Ireland, World, Sport.
(20 March 2009)

We have started Section 'Czytelnia!'
This is our project that allowed us to get freelancers working with us in creating articles. Section Czytelnia has been to get the attention of the authors which may want to publish their work on our website.
(11 May 2009)

Check currency exchange with
You can find most up to date currency and foreign exchange rates on our main website.
(01 March 2009)

Informtiton about the Weather forecast
You can now find info about the current weather forecast in the UK on our main website
(05 January 2009)


“Ściana Pracy” (Wall with Jobs) by - the most popular stall during the Polish-British Job Fair. was invited again to become the main media sponsor. This time our patronage was given to prestigious Polish-British Job Fair organised by British-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Within sections one can find advanced ads channels, i.e. Jobs Offers and section for Job Seekers. These pages are the most frequently visited local Polish job channels and register large number of hits every day, which proves popularity of our site. During the Job Fair users were able to search through thousands of portal`s ads as well as find help with correct registration of their Job Seeker Profiles.
(20 March 2007)

“Doradztwo Zawodowe” (“Your Career”) – the newest section of! together with Polish Psychologists Club launched the new section “Your Career”. All case studies, and materials are being prepared by professional career advisers, psychologists and sociologists from PPC and give practical information about the jobhunting process.

At the same time, users can submit their questions in regards to their careers, and take part in the “on-line workshops”.
(March 2007)

2006 with British Council host a discussion forum, in co-operation with British Council, have started new series of discussions titled Migration and identity, during which attendants could talk over issues brought up by a video conference held by British Council as a part of “New National Identities” project.

This international project aims at identifying the impact of migration on national identity. On 7th December there are meetings held in London and Warsaw concerning “Impact of Migration on National Identity,” with a particular focus on the Polish exodus to the United Kingdom and its influence on defining national identity both in the UK and Poland.
The hosts of the project – British Council and Centre for East European Language based Area Studies (CEELBAS) target at seeking opinions of young Polish people living in the UK.

Discussion forums at are the most frequently visited local Polish forums, with hundreds of comments received daily. Therefore, all new comments displayed on the website constitute a valuable voice of young Polish migration group and help to highlight hot issues regarding Poles in the UK.
(1 December 2006)

Jakub Walczak joins the team
It is’s pleasure to announce that Jakub Walczak joined out team on 1st October 2006 and took up the post of a marketing manager.

Jakub has gained his experience in various high-calibre media companies in Poland. Previously, he worked as a marketing manager in a Polish weekly magazine released in London.

Jakub Walczak is in charge of building up business relations with customers as well as coordinating sales and marketing activities. We are sure that his cooperation will contribute to the active progress of our website.
(1 October 2006) enjoys the Party!
VII edition of Polish festival was held on 10th of October. For the first time the festival took place in London. The commodious venue of Barclay’s Sport Ground was adapted for exhibition hall for Polish firms, institutions, media companies and others.

Representatives of present at the festival encouraged all comers to smile. Our stall offered not only information on our activities or cooperation possibilities, but also one could go back with their memories to childhood time and once again enjoy their time freely. – less formal than usually- invited clowns who gave out candyfloss and encouraged everybody to have fun. But where did it all happen? www-dot-londynek-dot-net!

More candidates and applications in section Jobs::Candidates held the main patronage for III Edition of Polish Job Fair on 2nd September’06.

The’s stall appeared to be the most often visited place for those who turned up at Novotel. consultants offered professional advice to all those looking for work.

An interesting and professional overall service offer made by bore fruit and contributed to the increase of daily hits on our websites, in particular in the section Jobs: Jobseekers.
(7 September 2006)

III Job Fair under the patronage of
III Polish Job Fair under the patronage of, will be held next Saturday 2nd September.
This will be a great opportunity to meet all’s users. For a change in a non-virtual way, we are going to encourage our users to active work search. What we bear in mind is exploring the internet and effective search by means of the website

Those who visit our stall will find out how to search work on and register your application on Jobs:Jobseekers, in order to make yourself visible to job agencies and employers.
(1 September 06)

Harmonious marriage consists of two better halves…
At the end of July celebrated two important events.
Our website’s partners – photographer Władek Jaremko and a graphic designer Kamil Stawarz entered into matrimony. To be precise- they entered into two separate marriages, with two different women.
We wish the newlyweds plenty of joy and harmony on their new paths. Speaking of harmony…. It is said that a marriage is harmonious if consists of two better halves.
We can guarantee Władek and Kamil are the extraordinary halves…

Władek is fairy justified on this occasion for not providing us with his photos.
(10 August 06)

Clear azure of the sky, blue sea, warm sand and…. Blue!
British summer this year, July in particular, went extremely well. We do not need to assure anyone of the importance of a sunny summer, even the well known band Golden Life released long time ago a summertime hit we all know: I need no more except for the blue sky. What can be nicer if not a clear azure of the sky, blue sea and warm sand….

The team stayed in a joyful holiday though creative as usual mood throughout all summertime. And what has it resulted in? Refreshed Londynek! According to the overall tendency for changes, we also decided to undergo lift surgery. After the surgery our portal received a new “gentle layout,” transparent bluish navigation keys, improved sections’ display, greater clarity, but first and foremost new enhanced user-friendly accessibility. We have already received good feedback from our users.

“Do I need no more except for the blue sky?” – “Oh yes, blue too”.
(30 July 2006)

Londynek Exclusive
Londynek Exclusive is a new section of the portal created with those, who would like to learn more about certain interesting people, in mind. Here we present interviews with unique people, ask them unusual questions, and pair them with fascinating photographs.
(April 2006)

News from Poland
In News from Poland, we present current news from Poland as presented by journalists from Dziennik Liberalny Donosy. Every day these articles are accompanied by satires from the brilliant cartoonist Marcin Skoczek.
(May 2006)

Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold... the Internet has voted on the most beautiful Polish woman in the UK.
For the first time ever, thanks to the creative initiative of – and the addition of the new category Miss Internet Polonia UK – Internet users could choose their own Miss Polonia in the Miss Internet Polonia portion of the Miss Polonia UK 2006 pageant.

This year, the new category of Miss Internet was a soaring success and is quickly becoming an integral part of the official Miss Polonia UK pageant, which has been held in England for several years now. users had one week to cast their vote for the most stunning candidate; in its very first year as an official category, it received a total of 1252 votes.

The verdict on the user’s votes was announced on the 8th of April during the Final Miss Polonia UK 06 Gala. The winner received a sash and special prize, presented by Mr. Janusz Dubanik, director of JD Blayer Ltd. Internet users learnt the name of Miss Internet Polonia UK 2006 that same day at 21:00.
(April 2006)

Against Double Taxing: A new service from the portal
The portal has started a special service, “Against Double Taxing”, a discussion about the obligation of Poles working in the UK to pay income taxes in the UK and in Poland as well. More and more is being said on this issue, in England as well as in Poland.

“Against Double Taxing” is a new section of the site, whose purpose is to present everything that is happening in regards to this common concern. In this section we are, and will continue to be, publishing works that have already been written on this topic, as well as the newest articles regarding this important matter.

Also in the service “Against Double Taxing”, there is a petition addressed to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, which is available to sign and send to a special mailbox created for this purpose in the office of the Prime Minister. The ongoing results of our poll on this issue are available as well. As of the first of May 1000 petitions have been sent, and there have been 2390 participants in the online poll.
(March 2006)

2005 is pleased to announce that on the 31st of October 2005 we surpassed 30 million hits per month!
The number of users visiting has been growing rapidly. During the last 10 months from January 01, 2005 to October 31st, 2005 has increased its popularity by 250% surpassing 30 million hits per month (January 2005- 12 million hits/mth, October 2005 – 30.5 million hits/mth).
On average server registers around 1 million hits daily.
(October 2005)