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Today, 25 September
Yesterday, 24 September
  • Spain: 'Cow Covid' spreads through the country
  • Former German Home Office chief: "Trump as US president can bet on an agreement with Putin"
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  • Germany: Introduction of permanent controls at the border with Poland and Czech is 'possible'
  • Ukraine: Language commission allowed to write Russia and Moscow in lower case
  • Spain: International drug smuggling group broken up, Poles among those detained
  • Google Maps sued for negligence after fatal accident
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  • President Biden's advisor: I believe Poland will continue to support Ukraine
  • There was an attack on the IT systems of the International Criminal Court in The Hague
  • Poll: For most Russians, Putin's age is becoming a problem
  • "Foreign Policy": Hungary will approve Sweden's membership in NATO next month
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  • Hong Kong: After 53 years, the city is losing its status as a leader in economic freedom
  • "Economist": European languages are the easiest to learn, Mandarin is the hardest
  • France: Most migrants will not be granted asylum in Europe
  • US: One child dead, three others in hospital after poisoning in nursery with an opioid
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  • A town in Sardinia offers remote workers a flat for €1
  • Swedish government predicts failure to meet ambitious climate goals
  • Media: Berlin is on the brink, 4,000 places for migrants must be created quickly
  • Italy: 13 boats with migrants arrived in less than an hour in Lampedusa
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  • King Charles III and his wife are to pay a three-day state visit to France
  • Sweden: By 25 percent fewer asylum applications. "Our restrictive policy is starting to work"
  • Japan: 1 in 10 people are over 80 years old. More than half of seniors "still professionally active"
  • German politicians call on Ursula von der Leyen to take action on the migration crisis in Europe
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  • Spain calls on the EU to engage in Africa. "Russia may occupy this territory"
  • New York received over 300 apple trees as a gift from Poland
  • WTO: Ukraine submitted a complaint to our organization regarding the ban on food imports
  • Italy: The government has adopted a package of measures against illegal immigration
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