Today, 12 December
Yesterday, 11 December
  • Italy: Supreme Court will consider the assault on Poles in Rimini on Thursday
  • The future of transport belongs to airships
  • Rome shops encouraged to leave on lights
  • Warsaw Frederic Chopin is emerging Europe's busiest airport
  • The Empire State Building is Uber's top tourist destination
  • Jersey City shooting: 6 people killed in gun battle, police say
  • These are the 115 airlines on the European Union blacklist
  • Olga Tokarczuk received the Nobel diploma and medal from the hands of Swedish King Charles XVI Gusta
  • Trump impeachment: Democrats unveil formal charges
  • Roxette singer Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61
  • Spanish hotel's 12 million euro Christmas tree is the world's most expensive
  • 'Several victims' in Czech hospital shooting
  • Spanish daily: ISIS encourages attack on Christmas market
  • Mayor of Venice to tourists: Come to us, the city is alive!
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  • Rome's Christmas tree already lit up
  • Thailand: A Pole's kayak lifted into the open sea
  • The police found a Polish woman wanted by a Spanish court after arbitrary departure with a child
  • Quake in Florence area disrupts Italy's national train network
  • Staff on two Paris metro lines extend strike to Friday
  • New Zealand volcano: At least one dead with number expected to rise
  • Saudi Arabia ends gender segregation in restaurants
  • Piero Terracina, Rome Jew who survived Nazi death camp dies
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  • Beer is slipping; what Americans are drinking instead
  • Venice "abandoned" by tourists
  • Unemployment in the US remains at a record low
  • In Hong Kong, tens of thousands of people are walking on a pro-democratic march
  • Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise
  • Tokarczuk: "Something is wrong with the world"
  • Pope: 'Populism returns to Europe'
  • Vilnius Christmas Tree Ranks 1st Among Most Beautiful in Europe
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  • The German store has introduced separate cash desks for Poles
  • The most visited cities in the world 2019
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