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Today, 17 Fabruary

Yesterday, 16 Fabruary

  • Polish passport desirable


  • Commission confirms report of unsafe Polish meat being exported within EU
  • 'After Brexit it will be harder to bring criminals to Poland'
  • 79 percent Poles believe in love for a lifetime
  • 8 in 10 Poles will buy a gift for Valentine's Day
  • "Conflict kills Modlin Airport"
  • A Pole, convicted of rape and beating an inhabitant of Exeter, released from prison
  • Germany is Poland's largest trading partner
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  • German entrepreneur convicted of hate speech against Polish employees
  • 34-year-old Polish woman from London is missing
  • Two-thirds of Polish IT specialists can work remotely
  • Next week possible difficulties in getting to Chopin Airport
  • The view from Poland: How Brexit could impact migration, economy
  • Jan Olszewski dies at 88
  • Poles like Czechs and Italians most
  • International Monetary Fund: Poland is facing a slowdown in GDP
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  • LOT opens the seasonal connection in Corfu
  • Donald Trump in Poland on September 1?
  • Experts: We are still too rarely tested for cancer
  • 414 thousand Poles died in 2018
  • The number of ZUS applications for inter-state benefits is growing
  • Krakow: Attack on a bus full of people. Only the driver reacted
  • In which region do Poles live the longest?
  • Poles are becoming more mobile, but not very aware of threats in cyberspace
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  • Poles report lost documents more often
  • 77 thousand foreigners were not allowed to enter Poland in 2018
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