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Yesterday, 19 April

  • Liverpool follow Man Utd in hiking ticket prices for Barcelona fans
  • Sherpa guide Kami Rita to climb Everest again


  • Barcelona will play in summer in Japan
  • IOC will give 500,000 euro to rebuild Notre Dame
  • McLeish is no longer a Scots trainer
  • On Saturday, Manchester City will play against Tottenham again
  • The racing prince returns to the track
  • Bayern Lewandowski opened a football school in Ethiopia
  • Former footballer of the Polish national team stopped. The woman accuses him of rape
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  • Champions League: Grad goals, promotion of Tottenham and Liverpool
  • Lukas Bauer is the coach of the Polish team of ski runners?
  • Iran arrests a boxer for fighting in the ring
  • 126 goals Ronaldo, 110 Messi goals
  • Formula 1: Ross Brawn careful in praising Mercedes team
  • Mandatory women's football teams in Norway
  • Rugby players will play Toulouse in T-shirts with the cathedral of Notre Dame
  • Defeat Manchester United. "Barcelona deserved the semi-final"
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  • Juve Szczesny was eliminated by Ajax
  • Champions League: "Juventus is the favorite"
  • Sonik: Saudi Arabia is the best choice
  • Pele left the hospital after the surgery
  • Coach Iga Świątek: The main goal of the ladder in Paris
  • London Marathon: Biodegradable sachets with seaweed instead of mugs
  • Liverpool and Barcelona close to LM semi-finals
  • Błaszczykowski will not play until the end of the season
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  • Solskjaer ma nadzieję na kolejny zwrot w Barcelonie
  • IBB Polonia London, with Giba composed, the Champion of England
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