• Poles are ashamed of refusing card payments
  • Corendon Airlines with new connections from spring
  • Many cheaters on Black Friday
  • Polish gold reserves brought home
  • "In 2030 Poland should be free from tobacco"
  • A quarter of Polish cities assess themselves as a smart city
  • 60 percent. students in Poland want to go to college
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  • "Rzeczpospolita": Work in Polish companies is becoming more attractive
  • Poles ready to pay more for "Made in Poland" clothes
  • UNICEF: Every tenth child in Poland is unhappy
  • Companies will reduce working time not to give a government increase
  • Poles drink more. They reach for luxury drinks more often
  • Report: Poles 'smoke' 105 thousand apartments per year
  • Study: For this year's holidays, Poles want to spend more than a year ago
  • German press: Morawiecki avoids the topic of growing poverty in Poland
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  • German media: Black clouds over Opel factory in Gliwice
  •  It is harder to get a benefit from ZUS
  • Actor Richard Gere visited the Polish Sejm
  • Ryanair will fly from Krakow and Poznan to Podgorica in Montenegro
  • CBOS: Poles are increasingly encountering hate speech
  • Canary Islands and Monastery: New destinations for charter flights from Jasionka
  • Prime Minister in "SE": Alcohol is for people, but we should drink in moderation
  • Two 500 and 50 kg bombs were found at the airport in Radom
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  • Only vaccinated children in a public nursery
  • National Health Fund report: Nearly 3 million Poles suffer from diabetes
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