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English lessons, CVs, translations, official matters in the UK.

Training, Translation, Education

Enfield > Greater London EN1 3NP

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Do you want to learn English? Need a CV according to English standards? Are you looking for a translator – written or oral?

I have many years of experience in teaching English – individually, online, in a private language school.  I effectively explain grammar and help break down speaking barriers. I know both book language and colloquial English. 

My CV has an attractive design which attracts the attention of recruiters. Most of the clients I have created CVs for have been interviewed and got jobs. 

While living in London, I worked with large translation agencies on behalf of which I was sent to hospitals and government offices. I have been handling my clients' email or SMS correspondence in English for many years. I help out with all kinds of things all the time.

You can find more information on my page www.vistaplus.co.uk 

See what else I can help you with. And get in touch with me 🙂


Enfield > Greater London EN1 3NP
Enfield > <span>Greater London</span> <span>EN1 3NP</span>
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Alina Marulewska

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