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Advertisement Options

Start advertising with Londynek today, and increase your company’s visibility within the Polish community in the UK.

Advertising is the first step to acquiring new customers. If you’re looking to reach the UK’s Polish community, Londynek is quite probably the best way to do so. With over 300,000 registered users and over 10 million hits per month, Londynek is the largest online community for Poles, and we offer a wide variety of ways to advertise to our users.

Make your presence known to the Polish Community in Great Britain and Ireland!


Differentiate your classified listing from the competition by placing a Commercial ad. These ads are placed permanently above any non-commercial listings and have a distinctive design, so they are always the first ads our users see when they visit a classified section. To ensure that your Commercial ad is always in the most optimal location, we also offer a 'Move up' feature, that allows you to relocate your ad to the top of the listings.

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Sponsored links are a great way to increase awareness of your product or service, while driving traffic to either your company website or even your Londynek classified ad. Sponsored links can be placed in any of the classifieds sections of the website, and need not be related to the section's contents. This allows you to reach a wide array of users, and to choose whether you would like to target your link towards users who are specifically looking for your service, or to those who may be looking for something else but would still be interested in your offer.

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Whether you're hosting a concert, festival or exhibit, ensure that you reach London's Polish community by adding your event to our Events section.

Available packages:


  • A dedicated page advertising your event, featuring an event description, 3 images and your logo.

  • A dedicated page advertising your event, featuring an event description, 3 images and your logo. Additionally, a link to the event page is displayed on the Londynek homepage
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    We offer 6 different banner sizes:

    Banner A 750x200 pixels
    Banner B 750x100 pixels
    Banner C 728x90 pixels
    Banner D 300x250 pixels
    Banner E 300x100 pixels
    Banner F 120x120 pixels

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    We also offer various solutions to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, such as Geotargeting, Capping and Time-Based Display.


    Advertorials are advertising in the form of editorial content, which promotes your company, product or brand. Advertorials can be written by you or, if you wish, by our editorial team. Articles will be located in our Top Story section for 30 days; additionally they will be displayed on the Londynek homepage for the first 5 days.
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    Direct mail that is sent to all of Londynek's registered users. Emails promoting your product or service will be sent to our 100,000 registered users in the form of a newsletter.

    Do not hesitate to contact our marketing department
using the contact form or call
+44 (0) 7459 363 245 +44 (0) 7459 363 245
and join the group of our advertisers.