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  1 August 2014    15:53
This week in the pages of mass-selling German tabloid newspaper Bild, they launched a rather damning attack on the failings of British holidaymakers.
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Brits on holiday ARE ugly, drunk vulgarians
This week in the pages of mass-selling German tabloid newspaper Bild, they launched a rather damning attack on the failings of British holidaymakers. (more in Polish)
Minister's former cleaner Isabella Acevedo deported to Colombia
Mark Harper's former cleaner was taken from her room at Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre shortly after midnight (more in Polish)
World chooses 'safe' London to launder their dirty money
Dubious businessmen are moving their cash around with ease to London by buying expensive properties, writes "Financial Times". (more in Polish)
The space age is a long way off yet... How family homes have halved in size by over 700-square feet
The average size of a family home has almost halved over the past 90 years, a report reveals today. (more in Polish)
July heatwave is over as Britain gets ready for washout August
Well, don't get used to it, because following one of the hottest months of July on record, the UK is heading into a washout August. (more in Polish)
Drunk plane passenger attacks crew with fake leg
A flight to Edinburgh was diverted to London after a drunk passenger attacked cabin crew with her prosthetic leg. (more in Polish)
UK inquiry to probe Russia's role in death of ex-spy Litvinenko
Russia has a case to answer over the death of a former spy poisoned with radioactive tea in London, a British judge said Thursday (July 31) as he opened a public inquiry into the highly sensitive affair. (more in Polish)
Phone hacking: NoW's Neil Wallis and Jules Stenson to be charged
Neil Wallis and Jules Stenson, the former deputy editor and features editor of the News of the World, are to be charged with an alleged conspiracy to hack phones. (more in Polish)
London population to reach 11 million, says infrastructure report
London's population is set to increase by 37% to more than 11 million by 2050, according to the mayor's report on how the city will accommodate the increase. (more in Polish)
UK to allow driverless cars on public roads in January
The UK government has announced that driverless cars will be allowed on public roads from January next year. (more in Polish)
Poland Marks 70th Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising
Poland on Friday honored the fighters and victims of a 1944 rebellion against Nazi Germans by laying wreaths, lighting candles and singing insurgent tunes to mark the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. (more in Polish)
Poles still trust ZUS
"It is good that so many people chose only Social Security (ZUS), because it is safe for future pensions and the public finances" - said Deputy Finance Minister Isabella Leszczyna. (more in Polish)
Seventy years on, Poles still deeply moved by Warsaw Uprising
As Poles mark 70 years since insurgents launched a valiant but bloody and doomed rebellion against the Nazis, the Warsaw Uprising is still very much alive in hearts and minds, as is the belief that in the end, freedom wins. (more in Polish)
Smoking not good for Polish employers
Cigarette break, regularly practiced by smoking employees cost employers average of more than 33 million PLN per day - according to agency Work Service. (more in Polish)
Crowdfunding: Poles more often support other people's projects
The method of raising funds via the Internet is becoming very popular in Poland. Poles gather in this way money for the whole variety of projects. (more in Polish)
Rise of violent in Polish schools
In Polish schools there are more violent students. They are agresive against scholmates and teachers - raport od NIK informed. (more in Polish)
UK 'battle group' to take part in exercises in Poland
The UK is to send a "full battle group" of 1,350 military personnel for exercises in Poland, amid rising tension with Russia over Ukraine (more in Polish)
What Poles think about their work environment?
According to the survey, three out of four Polish workers feels good in their workplace. (more in Polish)
50k euro for Polish researcher
Polish scientist dr Mirosław Szczepański from Medical University of Warsaw got a grant of 50k euro from Global Research Initiative. (more in Polish)
Salary hike proposed for Polish diplomats
Polish government has now announced salary hike for its diplomats. (more in Polish)
Irish Polonia says goodbye to their ambassador
Meeting between Polish community and Polish ambassador to Ireland took place yesterday in Dublin. Mr. Marcin Nawrot ending his four-year term on the Green Island was officially farewell by both Polish and Irish guests. (more in Polish)
Increasing deportation of homeless foreigners
Numbers of homeless foreigners in Ireland, who have been deported to their countries in the past year, have doubled. As part of the scheme deportation of the European Union, the number of homeless foreigners deported in Ireland has increased by as much as 52%. (more in Polish)
Drunken passenger attempts to open plane door on board Ryanair flight to Dublin
A drunk passenger attempted to open a plane door on a Ryanair flight to Dublin after mistaking it for a toilet. (more in Polish)
Holiday destinations of the Irish Polonia
This summer weather spoils. As the holiday season has started in full and most of us had already planned their holidays, we asked Poles living in Dublin where do they spend this year's holiday. (more in Polish)
Irish priests back Pope Francis' comments on end to celibacy
The organisation representing Catholic priests in Ireland has called for an end to the Vatican's celibacy rule. The Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland warmly welcomed recent comments by Pope Francis hinting that priests may be able to marry in the future. (more in Polish)
Polish tourism seen by Irish journalist
Over the last year in Dublin was conducted campaign to encourage Irish visiting Poland. One of the Irish journalists decided to find out about the attractiveness of one of our regions. (more in Polish)
Cheaper flights from Ireland to Poland
The prices on air tickets from Ireland to the Polish in the summer months are often too high. But, it is enough to find some time and will to buy a ticket into home country much cheaper than it might seems. (more in Polish)
The Irish do not migrate out of necessity
Study conducted by visa specialists has shown that the Irish also migrate. A significant proportion of the Emerald Isle citizens go into exile by choice rather than necessity. (more in Polish)
Poles from Ireland help to creat Polish brand
Polish experts have met with the Polish community leaders from around the world in the Senate of the Republic of Polish in Warsaw to debate about creating Polish brand. (more in Polish)
Galway: 50 cent for for a pint during World Cup matches
One of the pubs in the West of Ireland in an unusual way encourages customers to doping during the recent World Cup matches. For each one goal scored in the match, the price of the golden liquid goes down by 50 cents. (more in Polish)
Norway: Terrorist alarm dismissed
The Norwegian Government yesterday dismissed a terrorist alert which was appealed a week before and concerned the impending attacks from the Islamist group. (more in Polish)
US government seeking to test Ebola vaccine on humans: reports
The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday. (more in Polish)
Why do you pay to check in baggage with Ryanair?
Michael O'Leary, the budget airline's colourful chief executive, reveals the real reason passengers are charged for checking luggage in the hold. (more in Polish)
Ukraine MH17: Forensic scientists reach jet crash site
International forensic scientists have reached the site of the flight MH17 crash in east Ukraine after the government halted military operations. (more in Polish)
French police catch 28 illegal immigrants trying to escape Britain - and swiftly return them Read
French border police have caught 28 illegal immigrants trying to smuggle themselves out of Britain on a cross-Channel ferry. Two families with children and another 22 men were all found hidden aboard a Polish lorry when it arrived in the northern French port of Calais. (more in Polish)
'No risk of Ebola epidemic beyond Africa'
Dr Peter Piot, the scientist who discovered Ebola haemorragic fever, claims that there is no risk of Ebola epidemic beyond Africa. (more in Polish)
Europe 'funding al-Qaeda'
British passport 'is death sentence' to kidnapped victims as UK and US refuse to pay ransoms to al-Qaeda, despite European governments handing over more than $125 million. (more in Polish)
Russia bans Polish fruit and veg in apparent retaliation for sanctions
Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday and said it may extend the restrictions to the rest of the European Union, its first apparent retaliation to new Western sanctions imposed over Ukraine a day earlier. (more in Polish)
Jetstar apologises after crew member advises passengers to flush their drugs
Jetstar has apologised after a crew member advised Splendour in the Grass festival goers to dump their drugs before landing in Sydney. (more in Polish)
Teen's body found in landing gear of US Air Force C-130
The body of a teenage stowaway was found in the landing gear of a U.S. Air Force C-130 aircraft after it landed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany from a flight from Africa. (more in Polish)
Latvala pulls away, Kubica crashes
Jari-Matti Latvala inched his Rally Finland lead over Volkswagen team-mate Sebastien Ogier up to 8.4 seconds during Friday morning, while Robert Kubica crashed on the first stage of the day. (more in Polish)
Olof Mellberg: Former Aston Villa defender retires
Former Aston Villa defender and Sweden international Olof Mellberg has retired after an 18-year career. (more in Polish)
Celtic star Anthony Stokes is being targeted by a number of English clubs
Premier League and Championship clubs have been alerted to the fact that Delia does not see Stokes as key to his plans and the player is not expected to agree to a less-prominent role. (more in Polish)
Dundee United sign Poland Under 21 goalkeeper Michal Szromnik
Dundee United have signed Poland Under-21 international goalkeeper Michal Szromnik on a three-year deal. (more in Polish)
Kubica ninth in Finland
Polish Robert Kubica driver to come ninth in Finland race. (more in Polish)
Wozniacki is lining up for New York marathon
Caroline Wozniacki, a native of Denmark who once spent more than a year atop the women's rankings, will be in the New York field along with Meb Keflezighi, who won the Boston Marathon in April. (more in Polish)
European Volleyball Championship not to be seen on tv only on payed channel
European Volleyball Championship not to be seen on Polish tv for free only on payed channel. (more in Polish)
Norwegian press positive about Legia play
Good for Legia!Polish soccers won in big style! Norwegian newspapers wrote good words about Polish team, which won with Celtic yesterday. (more in Polish)
Polish first olimpic medalist has died
Franciszek Gasienica-Gron Polish first olimpic medalist has died in age of 82 in Zakopane in Poland. (more in Polish)
Climber Janusz Golab conquers K2
Mountaineer Janusz Golab conquered the summit of K2, the second highest mountain in the world, on Thursday (more in Polish)