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  22 September 2014    09:52
Municipality in Sardinia this helps financially its residents who, because of high unemployment decide to emigrate.
United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Poland Poland Poland
21-09 22:15
21-09 10:15
20-09 10:40
19-09 15:18
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18-09 15:58
18-09 12:10
17-09 09:55
16-09 09:33
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Ireland Ireland Ireland
20-09 16:30
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17-09 10:46
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World World World
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20-09 12:00
19-09 17:30
19-09 14:55
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Sport Sport Sport
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22-09 10:01
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Man says he stood 44 hours in iPhone 6 line to win back wife
A Polish-born man in the UK says he split with his wife recently and getting an iPhone 6 might provide a path to getting her back. (more in Polish)
'An enduring love of Scotland' will help UK come together after referendum
The Queen has expressed her confidence that the "enduring love of Scotland" that exists in all parts of Britain will help the country come together with "mutual respect" after the divisive independence referendum. (more in Polish)
UK pledges £12m to France to tackle Calais immigration
The UK government has pledged £12m (15 million euros) in a bid to control the growing number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the English Channel from Calais to Britain. (more in Polish)
Riots in Glasgow after Scottish referendum on independence
One day after Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom, British nationalists have taken to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate their victory. (more in Polish)
Polish Ambassador in London: United Kingdom will surely change
United Kingdom will surely change after referendum - Polish Ambassador in London says. (more in Polish)
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to step down
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has announced that he intends to step down after Scotland rejected independence. (more in Polish)
Scotland votes 'No' to independence but U.K. political risk remains
Scotland has said "no" to independence: The U.K. remains intact. But the specter of U.K. political risk is here to stay. (more in Polish)
Arachnophobia hits Britain
Plague of giant house spiders will invade UK homes in next few weeks, experts warn (more in Polish)
Cameron opens door to federal UK after Scots vote
David Cameron held open the door for a federal UK, pledging greater powers for English MPs over English legislation after Scotland voted decisively to remain part of the United Kingdom. (more in Polish)
Referendum result: Scotland votes No and will remain part of the UK
Scotland has rejected independence and will remain part of the United Kingdom as the referendum results show a win for the No vote. (more in Polish)
Poland – world volleyball champions!
For the first time in 40 years, Poland became world volleyball champions, Sunday, when they beat Brazil 3 – 1 in front of delirious home support at the Spodek Arena in Katowice. (more in Polish)
New terminal at Chopin Airport
A new terminal will be opened at Chopin Airport in April-May, 2015. (more in Polish)
Polish driving: Too many road deaths
Poland has some of the most dangerous roads in Europe, and each year they exact a fearful toll of dead and injured. (more in Polish)
PM-designate takes new broom to Polish cabinet
Foreign and interior ministers are the biggest casualties in a wide-ranging cabinet reshuffle by prime minister designate Ewa Kopacz. (more in Polish)
How Poles looking for job?
According to the survey, nearly three quarters of Poles plan to look for a job by friends. (more in Polish)
Poland: Will Ewa Kopacz be an Iron Lady or a Tusk puppet?
While Council President-elect Donald Tusk is "polishing his English", before he assumes his post on 1 December, Ewa Kopacz, his successor as Prime Minister, is confronted with the daunting task of building not only a new cabinet, but also her own political clout and entourage. (more in Polish)
Why Poles change a flat?
Almost third of Poles think about changing their flats. (more in Polish)
Polish labour market situation
Here's the take on the Polish labour market as of April 2014, some of the trends, and what's likely to happen in the coming year. (more in Polish)
Shopping at the Polish airport?
Passengers prefer to buy perfumes and cosmetics at Polish airports. (more in Polish)
Ewa Kopacz faces 'difficult task' as new Polish PM
Bronislaw Komorowski wished the 57 year-old Kopacz "patience and perseverance" after a one-hour meeting on Monday. (more in Polish)
Pole praised for 'heroic' rescue bid in Dublin blaze
A Polish immigrant in Ireland has been dubbed a hero for climbing an apartment block in a bid to save neighbours caught in a Dublin fire. (more in Polish)
The Irish government plans to repay the debt faster
The finance ministers of the euro zone agreed to offer the Irish government on faster debt repayment loans to International Monetary Fund. This will entail greater savings for the Irish budget for the next few years. (more in Polish)
Polish receptionist received huge compensation
Polish receptionist received 63K euro compensation for proceedings concerning her discrimination based on sex, family status, and race. These include 21 thousand euro annual compensation for discrimination, and 42 thousand euro as compensation for making false accusations against her. (more in Polish)
Dublin: Poles complain about increases in rental housing
In the first three quarters of this year, renting prices went up drastically on the Irish property. The increase in rental housing particularly struck residents of Dublin and towns located in the vicinity of the capital. (more in Polish)
The Irish still struggling with their literacy
Adult Irish have a much worse literacy than those of other more developed countries of the world. This is due to report on the education and skills of the adult population published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). (more in Polish)
Celebrating Poland in Limerick
Ireland's eighth Polish Arts Festival takes place in Limerick from 11th September to 5th October 2014. (more in Polish)
"Playing good music, I`m trying to be honest" - Mark NiedĽwiecki visiting Irish capital
One of the most famous Polish Radio broadcaster, Marek Niedzwiecki visited Dublin. Irish Polonia talked about his first steps in the radio, travels, and why it is still behind the microphone. (more in Polish)
"Divorced people should not be outsiders"
Irish clergy lead a debate on Catholics who have divorced and then re-joined in marriage. This will be the main issue among Irish and other bishops around the world during the October meeting with Pope Francis in Rome. (more in Polish)
Ryanair buys 100 Boeing 737 Max jets for $11-billion
Ryanair Holdings Plc, Europe's largest low-cost airline, has agreed to buy 100 Boeing Co 737 MAX 8 jetliners, the companies said on Monday, with an option for 100 more planes for a total value of approximately $22-billion. (more in Polish)
Tesco in Ireland loses customers
Tesco domination in the Irish consumption market, continuous to fall. The British company, although it is still very popular, loses some of its customers to the German counterparts, Lidl`ai Aldi. (more in Polish)
John Key wants 2015 referendum on ridding New Zealand's flag of union jack
New Zealand will hold a referendum next year on changing the national flag if the re-elected prime minister, John Key, has his way. Key said on Monday he would press ahead with plans for a referendum following Saturday's election triumph. (more in Polish)
Italian city which helps its residents to emigrate
Municipality in Sardinia this helps financially its residents who, because of high unemployment decide to emigrate. (more in Polish)
Russian President Putin moves toward authoritarian rule
According to "Der Spiegel" Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a package of measures aimed at the establishment of an authoritarian state with tightly organised central powers. (more in Polish)
White House intruder had a knife, officials say
The U.S. Secret Service said it beefed up security Saturday around the White House after a man armed with a knife was able to scramble over the White House fence, dash across the expansive lawn and enter the massive front doors of the residence before agents nabbed him. (more in Polish)
Catalan parliament approves independence vote
Catalonia's parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of giving its regional president the power to call an independence "consultation". (more in Polish)
Ryanair will be able to offer transatlantic flights 'by 2024'
Ryanair could offer low-cost, transatlantic flights within the next five to 10 years, the company's Chief Executive has said. (more in Polish)
Security stepped up at Vatican over fears of terror attack
Security in the Vatican has been increased after intelligence agencies reportedly intercepted an unspecified threat against Pope Francis, on the eve of his visit to Muslim-majority Albania. (more in Polish)
Reeva's mother to publish book after Pistorius murder acquittal
The mother of Reeva Steenkamp, the model killed by South African star athlete Oscar Pistorius, will publish a book about her daughter, publishers said today (Saturday). (more in Polish)
25-year-old Polish woman supported jihadists?
Three people has been accused in Germany of supporting jihadists of the Islamic State (IS). (more in Polish)
Pole received a prestigious Swedish scholarship
A native of Polish artist Aleksandra Cookbook received on Thursday prestigious scholarship Swedish foundation Stiftelsen Ake Andren. Award 500 thousand. kroons (54 thousand. euros) is highest in Sweden, the amount given to young artists. (more in Polish)
Radwanska sisth in WTA ranking
Agnieszka Radwanska is sixth in WTA ranking. The best tennis player is Serena Williams. (more in Polish)
Wlazly and Klos - best players of volleyball world cup
Mariusz Wlazly, named the Most Valuable Player, Klos the best attack player. (more in Polish)
Manchester City and Chelsea draw 1:1
Title favourites Chelsea drew 1-1 with 10-man Manchester City after Frank Lampard came off the bench to salvage a point for the hosts. "The Blues" are leading three points before Southampton. (more in Polish)
Poland, Brazil reach FIVB Volleyball World Championship final
Hosts Poland and defending champions Brazil set up a final meeting at the FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship on Saturday. (more in Polish)
Lewis Hamilton wins in Singapore after Rosberg retirement
Lewis Hamilton took the lead of the world championship for the first time since May with victory in the Singapore Grand Prix. (more in Polish)
What is a volleyball fan like?
"Volleyball fan is calm, but demanding" - the head of the company securing Spodek in Katowice says. (more in Polish)
"Brazilians behave like spoiled little stars"
According to Polish volleyball player Fabian Drzyzga, "Brazilians behave like spoiled little stars". (more in Polish)
Hamburg 0-0 Bayern Munich
Reigning German champions Bayern Munich frustrated as they can only manage a 0-0 draw at struggling Hamburg. (more in Polish)
Poland to meet Brazil in world volleyball final
The 'White and Reds' are through to the final of the FIVB World Volleyball Championships, after hosts Poland beat Germany 3 sets to 1 to set up a showdown with defending champions Brazil. (more in Polish)
Schoeps in love with Polish fans
Germany captain Jochen Schöps said he is in love with Polish fans. (more in Polish)